Sunday, October 16, 2016


In a thrifted outfit at a work event
For over a year now, I've been trying to buy used items whenever possible, including clothes, and I've pretty much stuck to this goal. These are some of the exceptions that I've found to buying used clothes:

  • Pants. I rarely find any, especially jeans, that fit my needs so this year I bought 3 pair of new jeans
  • Underwear. Nope, I'm not going there
  • Shoes. At first I thought I' have to buy shoes new since I wear a hard-to-find size. However, I did buy a few pair that were clean and like new - and comfortable. I also bought a new pair of knee-high boots to wear with jeans (I got these on ebay - does that count as used?) and a pair of amazingly comfortable dress sandals that I bought to wear for walking on our vacation (this turned out to be a smart move as I walked miles in them without a single blister)

Otherwise, I ended up purchasing an entire work and casual wardrobe from thrift and consignment stores this year. I did make a few mistakes, but for the amount spent, I'm not crying about wasted money.

I'm keeping my commitment to used as it's a winning proposition - acquiring nice but very inexpensive clothes, nixing support of sweatshop labor, and keeping clothes out of landfill.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Busy getting ready for an out-of-town work event, so I thought I'd share some interior photos of the chateau in Arc-en-Barrois where I spent the night last month. Keep in mind, a total of only eight people were staying there during my visit (this includes me and my husband). One of the highlights of my trip! (I'll share more photos later.)

Duke's Hall


Sunday, October 2, 2016


After 12 years, I was finally able to return to France this past summer! My first two trips were nice and I enjoyed the sites and culture, but didn't have time to savor my time as I would have liked to. I had two children with me both times and, as a mother, I was focused on their happiness and well being. This time it was just me and my husband for two blissful weeks!

One of the highlights of the trip? Discovering this chateau in Arc en Barrois on AirBnB and spending an amazing night there:

While it's not for everyone (there are no services there and the town is extremely small), we enjoyed the grandeur and solitude as we were only two of eight people staying there - and we only briefly saw two of them! A evening in the study, just off the library, sipping local wine and reading? Bliss!

More about my trip another time!