Wednesday, January 11, 2017

{What I'm Eating}

Look carefully  you'll see the minus before the 2 - brrrrrr!

One thing I really miss in the winter is fresh vegetables. You see, I live on a farm where we grow our own delicious, chemical-free produce, and I try to stick to literally farm-to-table as much as possible. Unfortunately, in the past, our climate here in Virginia has often prevented us from having something growing in the garden year round. One cold snap and even the winter gardens are killed off.

I really love eating salads so this is the time of year when I have to resort to buying from the grocery store. All that has changed, as this year we have an unheated greenhouse (also called a hoop house) and fresh food is growing in it! Even with the severe weather of this week - a snow storm with record lows - our indoor garden survived. I was able to make a huge salad today, with fresh-from-the-garden mixed baby lettuce. Yum! (Sorry, no picture. I'm bad like that but hope to get better.)

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